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How can a recent delievery goes to gig gallery?


I have delievered 15 orders already, but still nothing is in the gig gallery. Does it goes there beneath the buyer’s approval?


Yes, if the buyer approves it, then It’ll go in the gallery.


If the buyer approves what?


There is an option it to go in the gallery and if the buyer approve it it will go?


Yes. If the buyer approves your design to go to the gallery, it’ll go.


Also, make sure to deliver a JPG/PNG file along with your delivery that you wanna use as the preview image for your design. (Applicable for graphics design)


What’s your gig all about?


And if it’s gif? :grinning:


Gif loading animation


I don’t know about GIFs.
You should check sellers with the same category of yours and see what they are doing for this. That might help :slight_smile: