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How can a small work earn 5$?

Hi everyone, I’m new to fiverr & I have something to clarify. How do we know whether our gig is good enough to earn 5$ . Is there a possibility for buyers to feel that the particular gig is not worth? Give some opinions on this. I will be waiting.

just promoting ur gig and wait…

Well, for people from richer countries, 5 dollars is really not that much. Basically most people deliver products that are worth more than that. But if you can’t offer quality (if that’s what you worry about), at least offer excellent service (quick polite responses etc.) and offer express gigs (in 24h). :slight_smile:

Reply to @ynneblack: It’s not about the quality. Let’s say if someone converts pdf files in to other formats and earn 5$, sounds little bit unfair to me. Being a seller how can we get the feeling that our gig offers a worthy service for buyers money.

Why don’t you browse through the categories in which you have experience and see what others offer for $5. By looking at these types of gigs which you know and understand, you have an idea of how much work is involved. You can look at how different sellers handle different work scenarios, how they set up their gigs. (Reminder: do not ever copy other people’s gigs. You WILL get found out, reported and your gig removed, and if you do this more than once, your account may get deleted).

The main uniting factor on fiverr is that we all must offer a basic service or product for $5. We do have the freedom to charge more for expanded versions of that basic gig.