# How can accept order



"Sorry I have been trying to figure out how to accept and complete this order. Can you assist?"

What I say him? please tell me one. Buyer name is “fragglesrock”.

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed!


Firstly please remove the buyers name from your post by editing it as posting it here is not allowed. Next, if you have delivered their purchase to them, in their “to do” section (the tick at the top of the page - fiverr make it hard to find things) they should have a “how was your experience with the seller”. If they click on that they should be able to view the order and see what you have sent them and leave feedback. The buyer should have also got an email saying that you had completed the delivery. If they click on that, you can go to the page where you sent the delivery.

If you haven’t made an order or anything, please give more information :slight_smile:


Do you require that your buyers furnish you with information before you can begin the Gig? If so, and the buyer has not taken the time or maybe doesn’t even know they have to give you something so you can start, you would need to either send them a note nudging them to supply the info you need, or you can contact Fiverr support and see if they can intercede on your behalf. Unfortunately, you did not provide enough back story/details for anyone here to really “help” you. Also, refrain from mentioning member names here as they will be edited out of your post. We do not need to know who your client is.



Please DELETE the POST