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How can add my new payoneer card link and remove old payoneer for withdrawn money


Please Please anybody help me…!
I want change my revenue card address from old one , ( its about 4months i am trying because i make new payoneer for some personal reason and now i want to add new payoneer link my fiverr account how can i should :frowning: ) please response me in details all process …



We cannot help you with this. Please contact Customer Support. They are the only people that can help you with account and funding source issues.


You must contact customer service.

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you can contact to the customer service

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i remember for this serious issue you need to contact Fiverr customer support, otherwise it can hamper you

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I am sending massage to customer support multiple times but didn’t receive solution yet :frowning:

There might be something wrong with your profile image.

Check this out.

How ts possible :rofl: i don’t know reallllly :roll_eyes:

please open my account and sending more snaps , its all gig similar , they both are same account :scream:

all sheeza account from fiverr

Again, you may want to contact CS about different images. Or not.

But it is clearly visible one of the images is fake.