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How can an irregular seller get order?

Is anybody here to tell me about this platform? Actually I have had opened an account last year to check out my importance. But I had left this after one or half weeks later. May be my gigs are not attractive and have not get any order. Is it possible to get order without sharing on social media? I have sent a few buyer requests but it didn’t work also. What can I do now? I am not sure where I am writing, so please consider my mistakes.
Thank you.

I’m a new Seller myself and maybe not the best person to give advice, but I purchase online a LOT, both here and other places and the one thing that really stood out is the Description on your Profile page. While I completely understand that you may be a little insecure about your communication skills and have trouble describing what you do, that’s not something to admit to buyers. If you are not confident in yourself and what you have to offer, why should the buyer be? We have a saying here, “Fake it until you make it”. Now, I’m not suggesting you lie, but you can pretend to be 100% confident in yourself and what you have to offer, which shouldn’t be that hard if you know what you’re doing. As for the description of your service, just pretend like a friend asked you what you do. How do you answer? That’s your description.

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appreciate, thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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yes graphic design Complete post use i m dont and u help me plzz