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How can anyone have more that 5 tags on gig?

I saw today this gig: She have more than 5 tags on all gigs she joined fiverr only 2 months ago…how is this posible? I can have only max 5 tags on gig.

I olso have seen this on too many Gigs. I dont know how they can add more then 5 Tags (there is impossible to do it).If thy add more , they can go uper on rank of fiverr.

Yes i think this is not fair…she is registered only 2 months ago

That is odd, the link you give states she will give a 10 minute psychic chat, which would mean she is using Skype, Yahoo or something to do the session, rather than the email here. But, when you click the link, it is just a 500 word psychic reading. Maybe she had it as a chat session and Fiverr told her she couldn’t do that? Who knows! I would like to offer chat or even Skype readings as an Extra, but, don’t want to get in trouble for giving outside contact info, and I know you do have to ask permission to do that sort of thing anyways. The Help here is pretty slow to answer, so I just never asked. As for the tag thing, maybe she is formatting them differently so she is able to squeeze more in? Write to Fiverr and inquire about it. She may not even be aware that she has more tags than others, she may have kept adding them til the system stopped her.


That is strange i contacted customer service for that…i think it is not fair

Oh my god… I’ve only just realised that I can have Five Tags rather than Three 8-|

It used to be 3 tags, but I see that Fiverr increased it. I did not even know about the change. I just tried it :wink:

In Fiverr’s Old interface we can add more than 5 tags per gig…But Fiverr V2 its limit… :smiley:

I’ve also seen this and wondered…Hmmm…have they discovered the “black hole” of Fiverrr??? Lol.

It depends how short or long your words are. The shorter they are the more tags you can add. Example. I have 8 tags on one of my gigs, as the keywords are short and specific. Limits seem to change and I am not sure how many tags you could add if you made a recent gig. Other gigs that have been around for a while are in essence, “grandfathered” meaning their tags were added before changes to Fiverr were made.

But she have LONG words and 8 tags how it is posible?

Reply to @kjblynx: It’s on one of my older gigs(Just about a year old), so it might not be possible anymore to create longer than 5 tags. Maybe in certain categories it let’s you tag more words, I am not completely sure. I am experimenting with a lot of new random gigs but most of them seem to get limited to 5 tags per gig and the shortest tag you can make is 3 letters.

@roginc Maybe it’s the type of category it’s in? I would go with grandfathered in regards to the gig but if they have only been around for two months that’s certainly not the case.