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How can be prevented Buyers fraudulency


Hi All,
I want to know how can be prevented buyers fraudulence. What is the step we can take regarding this. It is the big problem I have seen this thing there are less number of serious buyers.Do you really think fiverr need few changes regarding this. I need help to resolve this thing. Please share if you have an any idea about.


Has something specific happenned to yo?


Nothing much, for knowledge. So that I can aware of this.


No idea friend i think you can contact the Fiverr Team and solve this problem …


How can we prevent a hurricane :cyclone:, another Y2K, earthquake, or :zombie: apocalypse? We can’t! :poop: happens! Taking precautions is all you can do. When the :poop: hits the fan, then deal with it.


It seems that you are new, so my advice is try not to worry about abolishing injustice and promote your gigs to get as much business as possible. Will someone screw you over here?, yes. But it is easier to take when it is one out of 1,000. Like @nikavoice said stuff happens.


New sellers sometimes have requests for free samples. Don’t do it.


What @misscrystal said. Don’t do free sample s!@t and at all times: if you feel in your guts that there is something wrong, don’t do business with them.


Yes, the “free sample” will be their job, they will bolt and you will lose. Like we say all the time "Never work for free"
Directed to OP, not MC


:poop: typical fraudulent buyer: “hey I want to know if you can send me a FREE sample”

if your response is: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: “I can´t do that, this service is not like tasting a piece of cheese for free and then buying it! :cheese:” buyer: :poop: “oh okay”

but IF your response is: :crazy_face: "oh yes!!"
buyer: :smiling_imp: “thanks for your free sample, see you in the future”

or :innocent: “thanks, send me offer please”

then, at the end: :poop:the buyer left you 1 star review






Yes, it has happened few days ago, I given some sample but after the sample buyer got disappear and not getting back again. They said if you give me sample then we will start.


Op, or not mc? ???


Optimus Prime and MC Hammer :stuck_out_tongue:

Too legit to quit!


haha I think I talked too much. . . conclusion: do not do free samples :leaves: