How can boost my gigs in fiverr?


I share my gigs on facebook, twitter, and google+. but I don’t get more impressions in gigs. How can increase impressions in gigs?


maybe something is wrong in your gig, check out or edit it.


but, I can’t understand, what’s the fault in my gigs?


There’s probably nothing wrong with your gigs. if you want, you can post in the ‘Improve My Gig’ section.

The only way you can boost your gig’s impressions, although I’m never quite sure why anybody wants to do that - it’s sales that count, is not to depend on traffic from within Fiverr and the search, but to promote them off-Fiverr, which you seem to have been doing.

Perhaps you need to target your prospects better? Are you finding the right people to market to?



Are you finding the right people to market to?

I try my best but I am confused, What should I do?


Are you marketing to people who may want Wordpress services? If you’re not you’re wasting your efforts.


Share your gig on social media mainly on linkedln and active 24 hours on fiverr. hope it helps you😊


And not sleep at all? :sleeping_bed:


Change the title, tags, images & do marketing as like you are doing now. Hope this will work for you.


Of course, we need to sleep. but we can easily active/online on fiverr over the android phone. so that buyer sees us online and feel free to knock us. Also, we can reach your client timely and reply them in the main time.


What’s the point if we’re asleep? If we leave the android app as on, buyers would expect an immediate response.

And what is ‘knock’ please? I don’t think I want to be knocked by anybody.


If we are asleep we can replied him/her later it’s not a big issue in my thinking . But Need to increase our GIG rank If we are active all time fiverr marks your gig active and it really help us to provide more buyer request and Boost Our GIGS. Thanks for your reply.


edit your search tag or description…


thanks for all of your advice.