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How can buyer give review on "automatically mark as complete" gig?

Buyer saying that there have not any option to give a review. Please help.


just tell him to click accept & reviews button on order delivery page


i think that can’t be done after the order is automatically marked as completed…

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Your buyer can still come back and review your order, even when it’s been marked as automatically completed. They’ll be able to do this from their order page - I think they have 30 days after completion in which to review.


Thanks for your advice. Do you meaning “order page” for Selling>>Order?

No - the buyer will need to leave feedback from their order page. :slight_smile:

For buyer, where is the order page?

It’s in Buying ==> Orders

Thanks a lot for suggest.

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But there have not any “order” option under “Buyin

It’s not in your buyer’s area - it’s in your buyer’s buyer’s area - you can’t do it - your buyer needs to. They’re the one who bought the service, you are the seller, you sold it.


ohhh, i think in fiverr only one account is same for buyer as same as seller. because i can perform as a buyer and also a seller on same account. That’s why i searched it in “buying” section.

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Are you the buyer or the seller please?


i’m seller in fiverr. but if i want i also can buy other sellers gig from my seller account. is not it right?

Yes, of course you can buy as well!

However, you want your BUYER to leave a feedback. So THEY need to go into THEIR buyer area to leave feeback for you - you cannot do it for them!


i did not want to get review by mine. i know it impossible. and that’s why i want to know under which option buyer can give a reviews for me. if you take look i have post a picture with my problem and buyer sent it to me. he want to say that he did not find any option to give a feedback on my delivered gig under "massages>>>notification. So do you suggesting that i can tell my buyer to check under “buying” option?

Yes - that’s what I’ve said in my previous posts! :slight_smile:

OK, Thanks again for your time.

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