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How can change Gig Impression Down to Up?

Last time I’m discuss this .Now i am facing this how can increase my rating point .Because my Gig Impression is change down to up.
But I’m Still faceing how can get order .It is challenge for me.Any body help me if some one give me a Order and give Positive Rating then I will return his/her
Dollar back and Also said Thanks
Help me

Admin to Rana2229: Do NOT ask for reviews in exchange for refunds, money, etc. You may be BANNED on Fiverr for this. You may only get reviews through real orders without refunds!!

To readers: If you see someone offer to refund/pay/trade for reviews, tell them to stop. Do not help them as you would also be in violation. Optionally, report the person to Customer Support. This is for seller and buyer protection.

If you return their money, the review will go with it. Back to the drawing board…

What you are saying about giving back the money if someone gives you a positive rating is against Terms of Service and could get your account banned.

Resposnse is positive but rating is low.Because I am send order late

help me Dear ! tell me what i do

Ok …
And guide me about my Question

Don’t write cover letters for people. Oy vey!

You want more impressions and fake positive reviews— you are missing the whole point.

Refund after a positive review??? Apart from the fact that the review will be taken off, why even stoop down to those levels? Deliver quality work and good reviews will come automatically. And you won’t lose money and time.

^^^^^ Do what he said. Deliver good work.

yes he Sai Good Work .
i send his work attach file .after complete Time than I am Sending Order by through Fiverr

Yes if you send his work attach file you are sending order through fiverr. That is correct.

Now how can me get Order

Make a gig that doesn’t primarily involve writing English.

Remove gigs that do primarily involve writing English. That includes translation. You are not ready.

You need to stop that main gig of yours where you offer to write resumes and cover letters for people because your English is so bad, or let me say in need of improvement, that there is no way that gig will be successful. I know there are many things you ARE good at. You just need to find them and offer them.

Do something you are good at. English is not it.