How can change GIG Link?


First my GIG title was “I will convert psd to html perfectly”

My GIG link was:

I changed it to “I will convert psd to html within 24 hours”

BUT my GIG link is still same.

Will it change?


Hi there,

Your gig link is created based upon the first title you set. It cannot be changed, even if you edit the gig title.



Thanks, thanks a lot…


The other “solution” that is not great is start another gig with the name you want, pause the previous or set it to 10 days and reference the new gig. Pause it after X days…

That said, I’d leave your shorter gig link, because in X months, you may decide it needs to be 2 day delivery… Use your headline to spell out your current timing.

The shorter gig link works either way.