How can do buyer request apply?


Hello all,

I have done already more than 100 buyer request aplly. But I have not received any reply. How to apply to get a reply? Please let me know.

Many Thanks


Hi, Khokon!

BR is a mystical place. :unicorn:

Try changing your proposal verbiage.

Don’t give up… Sooner or later a buyer will bite :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Hello Dear,

I will not give up. I will try an try.

Thanks For courage


Hello there.

Look at this thread from yesterday, lots of good info and links with more good info inside:


Thanks, Thank you so much dear friend for help me.


Hi adiba_aneeqa,
“I will not give up. I will try an try” - nice speed. Keep it up? Good days are awaiting. Wish for the best :slight_smile: