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How can funds be withdrawn in local Bank if payoneer already connected?

Is there any way to get funds in local bank if payoneer is connected? I have asked to Fiverr CS and they said no. I have transferred in bank account and fund gone to payoneer expired card and now its need 3 months to withdraw :frowning: I don’t know how fiverr is not able to transfer money directly in local bank? Every online marketplace has this option now.

Your funds are in your payoneer account?
Login to your payoneer account and withdraw your funds to your local bank. No need to use payoneer card.

No, Its in payoneer card. And thats the problem. The card is expired. And its impossible to transfer funds from expire cards. So what is the plus point fiverr provided opening local bank account?

Next time try to transfer money to your local bank, now fiverr gives this facility to Pakistani seller, don’t know it is available for Bangladeshi sellers or not.

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When I click the bank transfer its directly sends fund to payoneer.

No, it will directly send your funds to your local bank via payoneer.

I clicked to bank transfer. But it sends to payoneer.

Oh, okay. I do not use any card or local transfer, I withdraw my funds to Payoneer then from Payoneer to the local bank, simple.