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How can get a good review

Hello everyone,
i am new in fiverr. Before two days ago i got my first order. but the buyer is now offline. Buyer is always stay in offline. i complete my order any delivery in just time. But how can i get a good review. Please everybody help me?


There’s nothing you can do. You have to leave the buyer alone so they can leave a review if they wish to.

Any attempts to solicit one will probably earn you an account warning. Fiverr has recently become ultra strict on this issue.


Many of the Buyers dissappears without even asking for deliveries! Don’t message them again and again, Just leave a calm reply that if they check your message ask for help

Yea as @ahmwritingco said, you can’t do anything just let the buyer do what he wants. There are many buyers who just like to get the work done without talking.


I did not want to write all of this again. :wink:

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