How can get first sale on Fiverr?


I have spent 2 month but I didn’t get any sale. I don’t know, how many days I have to wait for first sale. Could you please suggestions me, how can get first sale?



It boils down to so many things but I just looked over your profile and before even opening your gigs, I knew they were gonna be crap. Your pictures are horrible. Seriously, you didn’t even put any effort making them and you expect people to pay you to design their websites?

Your English is atrocious. I can understand if English isn’t your first language but I can tell you haven’t even put any effort into learning the language since you first posted.

Work on those two things and maybe you’ll get a sale.


You have to sell the products needed by others


First up correct your grammar seeing grammar mistakes people will not pick you. Add more attractive descriptions for your gigs. And send our more requests.


i checked your gig ! your images are too colorful …work on that


Thanks for your nice information.