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How can get i more order from fiverr


I open my account. Please provide me some advice that will help me get orders. Maybe I could build my career in Fiverr for your advice. Keep me in your payers. Thank you for your time


You have asked this question many times in several posts. You need to act on the previous advice given.

Here you go again: Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get more orders.


yes…i’m trying hard


thank you once again


As you are asking a question for which there are already hundreds of answers, this indicates you need to try harder. Please do your homework and don’t ask other people here to do it for you.


Pray for me :slight_smile:


Prayers aren’t going to help you and this forum isn’t a place for getting people to pray for you. This is a business forum.

What will help you is if you buckle down and learn your business and learn how Fiverr works. Research.


Ok dear…Thank you very much


And don’t call me dear! That’s very unprofessional. You don’t do that in the western world.


The answer is simple. Work!



“I can’t even connect anymore with those that once I met gladly, I know them so well, I know what they’re going to tell me and what I will answer them, I know the mold of their immutable thoughts, the fixed direction of their reasoning. Every brain is a circus where a poor imprisoned horse runs for the eternity. Whatever our efforts, the loopholes, the turns, the boundary is always there, perfectly round, without unexpected protrusions, without openings on the unknown. Turn, we always have to turn: same ideas, same joys, same mistakes, same habits, same beliefs, same desperations.”

(Guy De Maupassant, 1883)


I support your ending side comment, but not starting side.
Pray and try both are necessary for human.
Please don’t mind, take other’s post and comment easily and share your opinion positively.


Cool! Cool!!
This forum isn’t just for western world. It is for all over the world.
I think this forum authority is free from Communalism.


These sellers want to get business from westerners and Fiverr is a western company. It’s important to follow international business standards. You aren’t just chatting with people in India or Bangladesh here.

“Pray for me” isn’t professional and prayers won’t get you sales, at least not if you aren’t doing your research and teaching yourself about business. It’s also important to respect that not everyone shares your beliefs. Believe whatever you want, but don’t ask for others to participate in your beliefs or ask people to do things for you.


I hope, you will be agree with me that, Fiverr is an opened income source for all. So there eastern and western aren’t vital rule, So, Please don’t classified users of marketplace.
Man for man, it universal truth. Pray/Wish each others is a part of Humanity. It is granted to all beliefs/religions.


I didn’t classify anyone. All I’m saying is that this forum has members from all around the world, so it is not wise, effective or respectful to communicate in ways that only apply in the east.

My point is that people here want to get business from westerners. I’m telling you that this won’t happen if you don’t communicate in a way that we expect in the west. You can defend use of “Dear” and “Pray for me” all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that communicating with those messages will adversely affect your business. That isn’t ridicule or opinion. It’s reality. These are international business standards and you will only hurt your business if you don’t adhere to them.

Remember, I’m not arguing if something is right or wrong. I’m telling you what will prevent you from getting sales.


@ humanissocial
Please don’t mind, At last your username and my finishing sentence is matching. i m also not arguing just discussing together. good morning.