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How can get I order?

Hi there,
I am a web developer & wordpress expart. I was create my 6 gig but not get any order. How can I get my frist order?

This is spamming the forum. Here are the forum rules: Forum Rules + Guidelines

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I don,t understand> why spamming?

Spamming means advertising your gig and in this case where you are not allowed according to the forum rules.

You will find out everything when you read the rules.

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I only Share my Good luck… Nothing advertize

You are not allowed to put a link in your reply!

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Ok thanks Now understand…Thanks for your help

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Fiverr is a platform where buyers expect you to speak fluent English especially when you’re offering a service where you need to understand the requirements.

While you’re waiting, you might wish to take some English courses.

PS. You’re promising Bridge theme for $5. It costs $60 so either you’re OK with losing money or you’re selling stolen themes.

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I hope he takes your advice. His English is really not good and it will take a lot of work for a buyer to understand him and buy his services.