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How can get job?

I am new in this site. How much new seller in Fiverr. What you do? How can I do? I confused! :worried::worried::worried::confounded:
How can show my experienced to buyer?
I wast time but no success! If you can shear… Then I think Its help me.

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There are millions of new sellers, millions of gigs and millions of tips for sellers in forum. Please refer them. Apply buyer request in proper way. (rather than copy paste your message)
Good luck!


Thanks a lot. I love to do job. so thanks again your help

Welcome. Take on board the advice offered by @andrea_kizinger and also check out the for details on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would start by making sure that your gig is optimized as best as possible.

Gig Video
Do you have a video for your gig? If not, consider creating one that makes your gig appear more attractive.

Gig Description
Review your gig description and ask yourself if a potential buyer can easily understand what you have to offer.

Gig Portfolio
If you are trying to sell in the audio section, make sure to have a few audio items that you can add to your gig portfolio, if you are selling in a graphic category, do the same with images,etc.

Once you have worked on your gig presentation, you can start by looking at the buyers requests ( as suggested above) Good luck!