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How can get my first Order in fiverr?

Hello, I am a new seller at Fiverr. Now I’m confident to work in Fiverr.
So I am pretty much confused that how I could get my first order?

  1. First Time you Active Online 12hr, because buyer when search service then filtering online

  2. If your gig new then fiver 3-7 day your gig first page and 2 and other page your gig show and more of the time your gig show in buyer because fiverr identify you gig is valuable or not, and recognize you service is best, how? when fiverr your gig get some click then you try to convert buyer order, if you do convert then fiverr consider your service better. so you should maximum online.

  3. Never Deliver Late

  4. Keep Response Times Low

  5. Avoid Cancellations of Any Kind of order

  6. Keep you customers happy.

  7. send daily buyer request.


thank you for your valuable suggestion .

Welcome! and Do your research regarding the gig and keyword.

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I wouldn’t take any tips from so-called expert suggestion other new sellers to be “active online” for 12hrs or 24hrs. I would advise you do some homework on Fiverr community forum or do some research on Google. You can read this forum and see if helps!: New Sellers …. The True Way to Success!


thanks for your suggestion.

thanks for your valuable suggestion.

1 First you need to be active in the Fiber Forum. 2 You have to send 10 buyer requests every day. 3 need to share gig on social media,web2.0 and forum posting.

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thanks for your valuable suggestion.