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How can get my first order in quick time?


I am Sohel. I am a new seller in fiverr. How can get my first order?

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Hi there,

You can get your first order if you do proper buyer requests as well as communicate effectively.

Some tips to get accepted and contacted by the buyer in a buyer requests as a new seller are:

  • You can keep the price as low as $5 if the task is not that big. Reviews are important as a new seller.
  • You should understand your importance. New Sellers still have value even though there are a lot of Level 2/1 sellers and that is because some people are really looking to get their job done in $5. While we charge a lot, new sellers that are good at their work still have value.
  • Understand buyers requirement and avoid template buyer requests. Because most of the people are looking for template buyer requests. Try to be genuine.

Hope these small tips helped you out. If you want to learn about writing buyer requests then I have a complete article written for it. Check out: How to write effective buyer request proposals. Other things that matter to get a first order is you have created your Gig the right way. (Tags, Description etc are made for the Fiverr Search Algorithm to recognize.)



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Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find lots of great tips and information in the above. Enjoy the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You for your advice