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How can get my First Order with my 12 months Old Fiverr account?

**Hello, I am A Photo Editor. My account is 12 months old .After create account I didn’t done any project. Now I want to sell my services . I create GIG , Promote GIG and get good response but now my GIG s View ,Clicks ,Impression are down. Send Buyer request … No order ,
What can I do ??/
Please help me !!
My link


Keep trying and be patient.


I am certainly no expert but at one time I had to turn off my fiverr account for a year and a half due to other engagements. When I joined back, I faced the same problem as you do now. It was quite a task to get my gig views to normal. But I somehow managed it through patience, active marketing and engaging with buyers through buyer request section.

After the break, I had to respond to buyer requests actively for around 20 days until I got my first two orders. The key is to utilize buyer request section effectively.
And also, analyse what your competitors are offering and go through your gigs once again to see if any amendments are required as Fiverr is a dynamic platform and things change quite frequently so sellers have to remain up to date in order to give quality service.

Hope this helps. I wish you luck :slight_smile:


Market your self to those who need your service like share your gigs on twitter and linkedin with proper hashtags. This will help you to get new customer but share your gig when you make good deal and take order on fiverr stay active and update your clients gradually about your progress and make a good trust level in between
I hope this will help you.

I agree with you :slight_smile:

I understand… I am sanding buyer request on cheep rate and offer extra services but no buyer response .
Please pray for me :slight_smile:
I want to prove my skill

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Prayers are not the only thing which works in freelance market you have to do hard work
how would you say you are at zero level and getting orders in bulk you have to face tough times to sustain in market as every second there is new gig uploaded as your competitors.
so make sure you are giving something extraordinary which your competitors didn’t think about.

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