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How Can Get order from buyer?

I’m open this fiverr almost one month. I don’t get a single order


give more time. and make your portfolio much efective

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if is it possible check my profile give advice please

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let me check your wait!

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Hi @oliullah0989
I am a new seller here, I think you should do these things to get order easily
Keep patience
Make sure your thumbnail and description are appealing
Active Fiverr
Give your skill tests
Target some specific audience
Read forum
Send buyer request
Response buyer quickly
Best of Luck for your freelancing career.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


give me your profile link brother!


You should active regularly, and share your gigs in social media, and do one think send buyer request


Thank you for suggestion

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This is my profile

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I suggest using an attractive front screen which catches the viewers’ eye, so I would suggest setting the primary image as more of an advertisement which makes them click on it, and show your work as the other images. I have seen that bright colors in a sort of title page manner can be effective.

These articles may help you .


Thank you
Please check my Profile

make a new attractive gig I hope you get asap

Hi there,
Getting continued orders is a great challenge for we sellers for which we have to work very hard.

  1. We should modify our gig descriptions, and titles so they can show in search results
  2. We send buyer requests and those too in a very efficient manner
  3. Share our gigs on social media
  4. Make remarkable portfolio
  5. Provide best of the best services and so and so forth.
    All the best
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You should bids on job from buyer request.
It’s really good helpful for new user.

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@oliullah0989 Don’t be hopeless. You don’t know when buyers need you. Most of the time they knock active sellers. So try to active.


Thanks bro. i’m trying.
Please check my Profile

I am also a new seller and didn’t get any order still now in last one month :sweat:

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If the brother is attached, success is certain

very important suggestion for seller.

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