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How can get Order

Hello everyone, I am new in I am working on graphics related work. I have just created two of my skilled related GIGs. One of this which is about background remove is on the first page of GIG, if you search by “background remove” tags then you will find my GIG on the first page. But unfortunately, I have not got any Order. Now what I should do. please let’s have a discussion on this. Guys, please help me.
Thanks in advance.


Welcome in fiverr,
as you’re a new seller so it’s hard to get direct orders, so I would suggest you to send more and more buyer requests, hope it’ll land you your first job…:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there Khalid, It’s very sorry to say I didn’t get any active buyer request. This is my another problem. How can I get buyer request?

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Do you know who is Money Guru aka Sumit kapoor?

Pardon me. I don’t know.

nevermind… :sweat:

@mrabbigd you need to refresh page by pressing enter button on your keyboard or by pressing F5 function key on your keyboard. You will be able to see the active buyers requests. One thing more may be there are not active buyers every time when you logged in. So do this again & again and you will be able to see the active buyers requests. I am not sure about other new sellers but what I get buyers requests remain active for few minutes to me. Hope this will work for you. Can you tell me when you have joined fiver?


@graphicsanddzn many thanks for your suggestion.I will try to follow your suggestion. I have joined Fiver on December 2016 but I was not active then. now I am active almost every day from last one month.

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@negiservice Please tell me what is the use of Money Guru aka Sumit kapoor?

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@graphicsanddzn hey one great news. After using your therapy I have got just one active buyer request. It’s really working. Many thanks for your suggestion. Thanks a lot. :grinning::smiley:

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@mrabbigd Thanks for working on my tip. I am also a new seller and today is my 3rd day. I joined fiver 25 Oct, 2017. I will be pleased to hear from you when you get your first order and I myself get my first order still working and trying to get it soon. Hope we will get our first order soon. Have a good time here.

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Keep send buyer request everyday and share your gig social media i hope you will get order.


@graphicsanddzn It’s pleasure to say you are also new here but you did well. I will try to inform you if I get an order. Thank you

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@mrabbigd thanks buddy it will be pleasure for me. thanks for compliments brother.

well… He is an Indian YouTuber who makes videos about how to earn money online.
He made a video about Fiverr and he created a ‘background removal’ gig.
After that, the people who watch that video, they also started selling ‘background removal’ gig. Now everywhere, I see ‘background removal’ gig :sweat::man_facepalming:

@negiservice I see. I don’t know him. I have created my background removal gig according to my own merit. :slight_smile:

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