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How Can Get Removed Account Payment

Hi Fiverr,

Few months ago my one account was removed by fiverr team.I have a near to 600$ in that account. I don’t know why they remove account with out warring and any clarification.

Here is my some question:

What is they policy about it of fiverr?
What the policy about removed account payment?
Why they do so?

I searched about at fiverr blog where he wrote you can get your money after 45 to 90 days.But my account removed almost four month ago. but i did’t received my money Why?

I did contact at support and provide all my stuff ike My National id card copy, security question, Paynooer card detail after getting all information they said to me your data is not not matched with our system. How it it possible. i try to contact again to fiverr support but they did’t make me any reply Why…?

What they want? why they behave like that? For what they make a support time if they did’t make a reply to any one…?

Can any one help me in this can any one guide me what i do?

You need to create a ticket with support

And tell them your old account name and stuff. Prepare to send them some identification. May need screenshots from that paypal account or whatever to present them. Once they verify you are the owner , they should allow you to login and hit the paypal withdrawal button. Or just release it to the paypal account listed on that fiverr account I’d imagine. It happens… cause I know I had to do this when I opened a new account. But you need to contact them and tell them the account name and what you need.

thanks for your help let me try to generate a ticket