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How can get rid of buyers that ask for too much?

Hi there! I have a repeat buyer who keeps buying $5 gigs (which is fine), but this buyer is extremely picky, extremely slow to respond, unclear with directions, and is just a general pain to work with, and wants a gazillion revisions. The buyer also wants $50 worth of work for $5…over and over and over. Is there a way for me to block buyers? I don’t want to “ignore” messages because it’ll lower my response rate. I also don’t want to “cancel” because cancellations are also bad for my reputation as a seller. And I also don’t want to deny revisions for fear of receiving a bad rating. Please help!

You have an extra for revisions. Start using that and of course explain why it’s needed.
It might lead to a nasty break-up, but sometimes it’s easier to take a small hit than waste hours / days / weeks on a single buyer.

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Thank you! I think I’m just being WAY too nice and way too “careful” about making the customer happy. I charge $5 for 100 words (voiceover). “Normal” buyers would be okay with submitting only 70 or so words for voice over work and pay $5 for that…but THIS buyer literally counts every single word even though it’s clearly not needed in the script! Like, the buyer would send me 70 words one day, then 20 words the next day, then 10 random words the next day. Like - who does that…?! Anyway, thanks for your advice. I think the next time the buyer messages me…I should ignore? haha.

I wouldn’t ignore them. Try to explain the situation in a polite manner and set clear boundaries.
I’m not a VO artist, but I tell to my clients that in order for me to meet my deadline you have to submit your content by X date. If you fail to do so then I might push the deadline.
Before they make an order I also send them a detailed project scope & list of actions. Once they accept my offer, I will not let them add anything additional to the project without extra cost & time. I simply explain to them that I have a very tight schedule and any change in the project requires adjustment to the project cost/time. If I spend more time on their project then of course it will add to the cost.

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I think after ordering a few gigs from you, this buyer knows that.
Just kindly explain to the person that you cannot do extra work for free.
IF he/she threatens you with a bad review, contact CS right away!

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sometimes to satisfy a client we have to go beyond our decided work if that doesnt bother you much you can do what you require or if its really takes lot of work and time you should clearly mention your buyer about the details and costing tell them if particular extra work will cost them extra

you can only block a buyer if he is abusive , behavior not appropriate , or they are spamming
dont run from them and dont be afraid of taking a negative rating because it will leverage you to do things in fear and bullied by buyer

go strong dont be afraid

These type of buyers are no fun indeed. I would suggest that simply responding with “sure, let me send you an offer for that” after they’ve gotten the 1 revision that your gig includes is the first step.

Beyond that, I’d like to also suggest that you consider raising your prices. Putting your price up an additional $5 is a magic elixir that seems to repel 99% of the buyers who “count every word” then ask for a discount because they have only used 85 of the 100 words. The forum is full of comments about how the best thing you can do is price yourself above the $5 buyer.

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Totally agree :smiley:
When someone send me “Hi dear/sir” I feel like :astonished: :poop:


Hi Mike,
Thanks for your advice! I’ve never thought of it that way! I think once I reach 100 5-star reviews (now at 81), I’m going to rethink my pricing. I have two gigs (one that starts at $5), and one that starts at $10, and the $10 one doesn’t do very well haha. By the way, this buyer also waits a week before he says anything about the delivered product (order will automatically be marked complete, so in my head, it’s off my radar), and then one day BOOM out of the blue, he decides to say something [negative that needs to be changed] about it. Definitely not worth the $5…or $4 LOL…he can keep it!


LOL! That just made me laugh so hard.