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How can i active 24 hours on fiverr?

Everyone say active 24 hours will increase my gig impression. But is it possible ? If it possible how ? Do u have any tips how to active 24 hours. Please share it will help me.


That’s a myth, perpetuated by mindless drones.

You can’t stay online 24/7 and it wouldn’t help you get sales in even if you could game the system.


Yes its impossible to stay 24/7.

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any ideas from others?

It’s a myth which is debunked here.

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Being online 24 hours won’t do a thing if your gigs aren’t up to standards. No one wants to buy a gig that’s poorly designed even if the seller is online day and night.


Video was informative.

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I don’t understand.

You want a second opinion?

Or do you need someone to share a trick that will help you appear online 24/7?


Not this bro…Idea of improve impression and clicks…

Please don’t call people “bros”.

Your OP doesn’t pose that question.

You didn’t ask for tips about impressions.


Can i call you sir?
actually I have little knowledge about it… Most of the people say 24/7 increase impressions and take me on the top … and helps me to get project

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Are those people TRS/Pro sellers like me?

With almost 10,000 completed orders?

Who do you want to take advice from, really?


You’ve been given a sensible answer by @frank_d. You agree with him, and then you ask others for their ideas about staying online 24/7. Frank’s answer is THE answer.

But I’m happy to expand on it. Trying to find tricks to staying online 24/7 is cheating and fraudulent.

Anyone buying a gig on the basis they think that you are active and therefore able to respond to questions or to start work has been duped / conned / misled.

It’s not good business practice, and it’s not nice to treat people this way.

In my opinion, sellers who find technical tricks to staying online 24/7 are dishonest - and I would never knowingly work with them.


Thats my fault sir, I wish you will help me by providing your valuable advice next time.

Do you want ideas to increase your clicks and impressions? Well, first of all try to rewrite your gigs. Spot the grammar mistakes and delete them. Follow the basic course by Fiverr for new Freelancers. And… Read this thread and coerdelion reply.