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How Can I Active All Time My Gigs?

How Can I Active All Time My Gigs?
After Sometime Gigs Show offline but am on active also, please suggest me some idea to active online!

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I think the only way is to Install the Fiverr App on your Phone , never turn off the mobile data and let the fiverr run on background.


@aalapk i already done this, but can’t active online gigs status.

what do you mean ‘gig’ status? If you talking about ‘online’ then its you - the seller is online.
eg. If someone is searching for the gig and filter the results for only online sellers then if your gig matching their criteria it will show up in the results , if you are online.

@aalapk i mean when some one searching!

Bro, I suggest reading this forum question.

I think it will help for your issue.

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Does it happen so?? letting Mobile data turn on all the time…? I mean does fiverr account run at background of installed fiverr app…? Have you had any such experience?

It seems to be a logical answer…