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How can I active more more than 12hours?

Is there any way for active maximum of the time on fiverr ?


No, unless you are really staying online.
And if you are hoping that staying online and trying to trick the system will help you to get orders then unfortunately it wouldn’t.


Thanks . I really staying online .

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If you wish to be shown as online for 12+ hours every day, you’ll have to be active on the site (for example, browsing the site, not just keeping it open in a tab) for 12+ hours every day.


And how much it will effect for getting orders ?


It only matters to buyers who need something done urgently, and want to talk to a seller who is online at the moment.

Buyers can order from you (or message you) whether you’re online or not, and the reasonable ones don’t expect you to be available 24/7.


Yeah that’s exactly true .So use it properly means ? can you tell me that ?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking.

fiverr I want to use it more than 12+ hours and how ? What is the right way ?

Browse the site for 12+ hours, perhaps? Do tests? Take courses? Browse through available requests (if any)? Go through the gigs of your competitors, try to figure out what it is they’re doing to succeed and whether it’s working or not?

If you’ve got something to do on the site for 12+ hours, that’s the right way. If there’s no real reason for you to spend 12+ being active on the site (and for most people, there isn’t), then there’s no right way.


Thanks a lot I understand .