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How can I active online 24 hours 365 days

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! I have still net connection 24 hours 365 days via mobile but I think I am not active show on fiverr 24 hours. How can I active 24 hours. Please can anyone solve this problem. Thanks


Don’t you sleep? That’s amazing.


:smile: Is this possible?


This is not a problem and no one can solve it for you. Unfortunately scientists didn’t find a magic pill yet that will help you not to sleep at al just to stay online on fiverr.


:slight_smile: Any otherway

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There is no “other way”.

Gosh, when will people stop looking for ways to trick the system and just start providing quality services?
If you have great product, amazing portfolio and service that people are interested in you wouldn’t need to stay only 24/7, buyers will find you anyway. But if you have an average quality them no matter how long you’ll stay online that wouldn’t help you no matter what.


Thanks. I will try to active.

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Have some free time !
Life is beautiful


Please stop giving bogus advices. Is that helping you? How do you think he should stay 24 online 24 hours? How would that help him?

You yourself have only 17 reviews in 3 years so staying online definitely also not helping you.


By actually being on Fiverr and browsing the site 24 hours every day.

That’s the only honest way. Anything else means you’re trying to cheat the system and lie that you’re online when you’re not.

Do you think that cheating and being dishonest is ok?


Not possible. you can active meximum 15 to then you have to take rest.
otherwise in one condition you can active online 24 hours, give the access of your id to your friend and divide the hours then you can active 24hours


You can use fiverr application


He still wouldn’t be able to stay online 24/7. That’s not what fiverr app is for.


Yes. It is not possible active 24 Hours online😁

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This is such a commonly asked question. The whole point of being online is to actually be there to answer questions immediately.

If you show as online but don’t answer you could get reported for that. And also you will probably get detected as trying to trick the system and be punished.


You shouldn’t.

Do you know why?

Because it misleads buyers. If they want someone online, they shouldn’t see someone who is just pretending to be online.

Also, pretending to be online all the time will not help you sell more.

Instead of finding tricks to game the system, why not focus on building a business that people will want and would buy? Learn why you’re having trouble selling. You can’t conquer that by pretending to be online 24/7 all year. The fact that you think it will shows you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how business works.

If you mean you literally want to be online that much, well that’s not going to get you a return on that investment of time, if it gets you any sales at all.

And if you want to wake up at 3 am to do an order, sacrificing your wellbeing won’t help you either.


What to do with day extra this year considering there are 366 days? I guess that day is for break…

And like others already mention, why you would want to be online all the time? It is common myth that it will bring you more order and after all, you can’t be online all the time and looking for lying about it is not good for business


I think because it is nicer to think that gaming the system will get you sales regardless if there is an actual demand or skill.

It’s easier to look for tricks to game the system than research your market and learn how sales works.

It’s easier to think sales come from the completion of tasks vs. value, skill, merit and demand.


Hi Dear, i Fine thank you.
as per my comment

i think its not require 24/7 on Active . if require you can just load the pages log in on your mobile device. Did you check it before?
just Simple issue.


After perusing your gigs I think that’s the last thing you should be worried about.

Stop trying to game the system.