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How can I add a $25 for a gig?


Hi, im a newbie here and i want to know how can i create a gig that will have $10 or $25 because its only $5 and my clients are having troubles ordering. Thanks.


They were asking how they can upsell on their gigs. You can upsell other services on yur gig, but you have to use bullet points and be specific what you’re selling. A $25 gig would be hard to sell because a buyer would need to order 5 gigs 1 at a time… When you reach level 1 and level 2 you will be able to sell gig extras without having to list them in your gigs. Then buyers don’t have to buy multiple gigs. Hope that helps. Oh by the way you should put up a few more gigs.



Not possible but after label2 you can add more extra


Thanks guys!!! I appreciate it. ^^


How do I add more options to my gig like i have seen on other gigs for other people. they seem to have tick box options adding more to there gig amount I can not find it anywhere?


ok just read it thanks