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How can I add more frequently-asked questions/answers to my gig?

I can’t seem to add more than one frequently-asked question/answer to my gig. I “add” and “save” new ones, but they don’t show up, even after many days. I only have the original one I put up when I started the gig. It’s very frustrating since I spent time writing them and they disappear. Customers can’t get the information they need. Please help.


Hello, I’ve had this happen too on my oldest gig when I tried to edit it. It got so messed up that I finally gave up and posted it without the questions or extras I wanted to add.

If someone knows how to fix this please post it. I don’t have the answer.

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Try saving with none and start over ? I also had a similar issue where only 1 faq was showing up but somehow it got fixed on its own :joy:

I haven’t faced this issue before. You can contact to Fiverr support.

I have a question to ask, when buyer sends direct order and he sends requirements our clock starts running down, How fiverr makes sure that the requirements that buyer sent are sufficient to complete the order? Why fiverr doesn’t confirm this from seller??? @authorkf @authorjulieh

If the requirement is set to mandatory they probably just check that, if it’s a text field, it’s not blank (maybe they should check a minimum number of characters have been entered) and that if it’s something else, that something has been filled in/selected. They’ll probably do that for all the requirement fields (check whether each are mandatory, and if so, that something has been specified).

Why fiverr doesn’t confirm this from seller??

There should probably be an option for that. They haven’t currently because that’s not how they want Fiverr to work, they want it to work like instantly creating an order, like amazon.