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How can i add more than 3 image

How can i add more than 3 image for gig gallery


Hi there @albizs, let me help you. Open your word document… add an image full size, then save it as PDF file and upload it to your Gig. I hope this helps!! Good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto


In addition (see that part, Humba?) to what @hum_on_the_go said, you can include in your Gig description a link to your Flickr account. On Flickr, you can upload thousands of images for potential Fiverr buyers to browse through.


Not exactly what i want. I want images on the fiverr page directly. Thanks for advice

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That’s fair enough. Hopefully the PDF document will work well for you.

You also can turn live portfolio on, which means every time you complete a job, the work you’ve created will show up in your image gallery. You don’t get to add your own work samples, but you will be able to show more than three examples of your work. That’s how many sellers get around the 3 image limit.