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How can I add more than one video to my gig?

Hi there! I created a gig to do promotional and testimonial videos. I see other people have more than one video on their gig. The first video is usually their intro video, the other videos are samples of their work. How can I add my sample videos to my gig?

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Hi there!

Make sure the ‘live portfolio’ box is checked on your gig (click the dropdown beside the gig in selling ==> gigs).

Your buyers can then choose whether they want their work displayed in your portfolio or not.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


The other videos are videos created for a buyer. When you deliver a gig, the buyer can give permission for the video to be displayed in your portfolio or not. By default, the video will display in your portfolio so most buyers don’t change it. So next time you sale a gig, send it to your buyer, they rate you and good chance the video will show up in your portfolio.

Also make sure you do what offlinehelpers explained in their message.