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How can I add more than three photos on a gig?


I want to show my creativity and ability on several gig. But I can’t add more than three photos on gig. How can I do that? Please help me.
Thank you.


You can upload 2 PDF files and 1 Video. Utilize those options.

3 Image is standard for ALL Fiverr sellers.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


i actually think about this too. is it because i am new? i can see the pro displaying quite a lot of images show casing their creativity. Why am i limited to 3 images? or am i missing something?


Those are not images but the Portfolio of work done for customers.

Once you have customers you can display the work as well, GIVEN, that your buyer selects the option to have their work displayed.



One frnd told me 3 image is standard for all fiver seller. And i think adding more than three picture is for only pro feature users.
Thank you.


Hmm now I understand. Thank you for a useful reply. :relaxed:


Oh I see, thanks for the eye opening


Actually there is no option to upload more than 3 pictures but make sure you use the portfolio option

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thank you. :relaxed:


you can attach your works in a seperate PDF or maybe make video slideshow… hope that helps :slight_smile:


Old topic, no further comments needed.