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How can I add my portfolio in my gig image?

Hello everyone,
I’m a Digital Marketer. Now I want to add my portfolio to my gig images. But I don’t know how can I do it. Please visit my gig and suggest to me how can I do it.
Best regards


You can add your portfolio by PDF. You will find the option below image option.

Hello. You Can you the Screenshots of your digital marketing final process(Final Page). You Set Those Some Image in your gig image. if final final file (Image) is big so, you use 1 image fully. If small then use 2 image (Left Right). You Take all your final images & Upload in Flickr Account using Albums ( Specific Topic). Then you take the album or full flick account url. shorten that link & use it as your portfolio link in you gig description. Done as a digital marketing portfolio issue. Thank You.

I think it’s TOS violation, because fiverr don’t permit any kind off personal information, that’s why I can recommended don’t do this.

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