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How can I add paypal to my account


How can I add paypal to withdraw my funds? There is no option anywher I can see to do this, can someone help me please?


Hi, you would want to go to your dashboard and select Selling, in the dropdown menu click Revenues
and you should see an option to add a paypal account, remember you need to have funds ready to withdraw then you can add paypal, if you don’t have funds ready you can’t add a paypal account. Also after adding a paypal account you will have to wait an additional 24 hours for proccessing and security purposes.


Hi there, thanks for the reply. I do have cleared funds in there, but when I click withdraw to paypal, nothing happens


Hi, check to see if you have a billing section in your settings. Go to Settings --> Billing If you do have that, you will see PayPal for Withdrawals you will have option to enter or change your email address. After that try and click the paypal button in revenues section. If that doesn’t work I would suggest you contact support @