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How can I add portfolio in my profile?

I am a new seller on fiverr working as a animator. How can I add portfolio in my fiverr profile? Please, give me some tips.

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Hi @rahuldatta
I am a new bee on fiverr as you, up to me I have made a google drive folder and, the uploaded all my work on it in a presentable manner now everyone can see the previous artwork who has link. I used to share that link while sending offer to anyone. May be it is not the best way but It worked and I have got my first order few days ago. Hope for the best waiting for 2nd and so on.

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Here is a list of approved links:
Scroll to the bottom.


Thanks a lot…
Best of luck…:+1:


You can try to use the PDF to display your work. It’s what I use to show people my work.