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How can i advertise in buyer request as a seller


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please help me out :confused::confused:

You are not allowed to advertise as a seller, because it’s “Buyer request”, not seller request.

Doing so is illegal, and can get you penalized (those who do it will be penalized sooner or later)

Unless you want to be a buyer…


everyone is using this…

If you don’t want your account being penalized or suspended for doing this, you’d better not do it.

Fiverr doesn’t have control yet over all those requests from sellers who are spamming, which is why many of them manage to do it - but they simply put their accounts in danger, and Fiverr will penalize them sooner or later.

If you care about your account and your chance at using the site without being banned, then don’t even think about doing that.

So please, please don’t spam like so many others with requests in the Buyer Requests that is meant for buyers only.


i made my account 5 day ago but failed to get any order from buyer

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If you just wait for orders, the orders won’t come. Some have waited months or even years before they got a single order.

Fiverr wants doers who do something to get orders. Waiting is not an option, but neither is spamming.

➼ Want to know how to get sales? » Read the UpYour posts « written by one of the Forum Moderators

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So what i do to get order

Have you read my previous message? I gave you a link that teaches you how to get sales…

You have to do something to get clients, you can’t expect Fiverr to give you clients - Fiverr doesn’t give you orders, they just give you the platform to work and to let you get clients yourself.

Getting sales & clients isn’t fast - if you need fast money, Fiverr isn’t the place. You need patience, and you need to invest time in this freelancing career. This is not a day job where you get guaranteed money or fast money. Sometimes freelancing can feel like a lottery, especially seeing how competitive Fiverr has become.


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Advertising your services in the Buyer Requests section isn’t going to help you get orders. Buyers don’t see those ads, only sellers do. On top of that, only sellers with the gigs in the same category and subcategory as your spammy ad would be able to see it, and they’re not going to buy from you. They’ll see you as yet another spammer who is clogging Buyers Requests with useless spam, making it more difficult for them to find real requests.


I had my account for 40 days before I got my first order that was NOT Buyer Requests. You need to be patient.


Wait, why are you showing me the TOS? :neutral_face:

And I didn’t make any confusion - the OP said he wanted to “advertise” inside Fiverr’s Buyer Requests page, so I used his own word, “advertise”.

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Not everyone, just the people who are new and do not understand they should not post in sellers request, or sellers who do not care and think they can break the rules and get jobs. If you read this post I made a while back you will see that it does you no good to advertise there. :rofl: Alll those sellers get is offers to buy other sellers gigs. :joy:


I do not understand why you posted this? I see no difference between advertising and promoting?

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Anyway, back to OP’s concern. Try to go through Buyer Requests and see what all you can really fulfill. Your gig(s) may not be related to it, but if you can really fulfill a Buyer Request, you can still send an offer providing your service details, price, etc. Make it convincing and ensure you can fulfill it if an order flows in.

I had also thought that it was legal to advertise at buyer requests as a seller, but when I couldn’t I concluded that it was illegal. I wasn’t so wrong after all.

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Let us say you have only 2 gigs and both are related to making logos.
While browsing Buyer Requests, you see a buyer request related to “need a voice artist”. And you feel that your voice is really good, etc. That “inner self” speaks to you and you get motivated and feel, yes, I can do it. Then there is nothing in Fiverr TOS that stops you from sending an offer. You CAN send your offer. It is upto the potential Fiverr buyer to decide. Anyways it is all within the Fiverr platform.
Let us not talk about your chances of getting the order. But, yes if you see any Buyer Request, even not related to your Fiverr gigs, and you are certain that in reality you can do a great job about it, then yes, you are allowed to send your offer.

So are you saying you know it is wrong as a seller to post in Buyer Requests? Plus only other buyers will try to sell to you there. You will not make any sales.

But, yes if you see any Buyer Request, even not related to your Fiverr gigs, and you are certain that in reality you can do a great job about it, then yes, you are allowed to send your offer.

I agree, he should send offers to buyer requests, but the offers sent should be at least reasonably related to one of his gigs. You have to select the most appropriate gig when sending an offer (eg. you shouldn’t select the “design a logo image” gig while sending an offer to “create a voice over”). Though I suppose you could have a gig called something like “custom offer” for anything else. Though if you only have gigs in the “logo creation” section you probably won’t see most of the requests for things in other categories.