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How can i advertise my gig?


i have advertise my gig on facebook but its not worked at all
What can i do for advertisement? :weary::weary::weary:


@expertpeople Advertisement your gig social media facebook,google +,twitter and LinkedIn.


Okay.thanks for your help

 You should definitely advertise on any social media platforms that you have. Make sure to have your account based on the work that you are selling. Also, it is helpful to advertise on platforms most suitable to your gig.

(Ex. If you make Twitter Banners it would probably help to advertise on Twitter)

 (If you dont already) It also helps to personally DM people that may be in need of your work. Have a good explanation of your work ready and make sure to be personal so you actually seem like a human being, not some spam robot.

Best of luck in your gigs!


Thanks @lilcasper i will follow it