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How can I always remain active in fiverr

I have always been in the desktop PC. After how much time to refresh the fiverr website for remain active? For Mobile, How long will refresh after fiverr apps?

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I think you need only to activate the “online status” on your smartphone :iphone:

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You can not. Or are you planning not sleeping at night at all?

I know that some people here on the forum saying that staying online helps but there is no official data or real observations that staying online helps to your gig ranking.

All that you going to achieve with this is cheating your buyers and yourself. What if someone will contact you while you are sleeping but your status showing online? You will only irritate some clients that you didn’t respond while being online


I like to see this question differently… The trick is moderation… means keeping yourself in check… what generally happens in we go full gas for a while, accept tons of orders and burn ourselves up. Set up your queues and manage the Pause/Activation of your gigs so that you don’t end up burnt up… this always keeps to interested and always in good shape to deliver.