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How Can I apply the $5 credit I have to my order?


I have a $5 credit I have with Fiverr. But when I went to order a $16 gig ($15 gig + $1) just now, the PayPal checkout displayed $16, not $11.

How can I get Fiverr &/or PayPal to apply that $5 credit, so that I will pay only $11.00?




You can split the order into 2. Ask your seller for a custom offer for $5. This will allow you to use your credit first. You can then place a new order for the remaining balance.
I hope that helps.


Thanks. Sounds a little convoluted. :slight_smile:

Do you work for Fiverr &/or have you ever done it the way you suggest, successfully? :slight_smile:

Not sure if the guy offering the gig will be OK with that. Don’t understand why Fiverr doesn’t just apply the credit & submit the net amount to PayPal.


No I don’t work for Fiverr. I am just a seller. I had previous clients who asked me for custom offers for the very same reason :wink: . Maybe you can just find another $5 gig you would be interested in purchasing.