How can i ask for refund as i am not satisfied


I would like to ask for refund as the buyer took 3 days to reply and yet my gig is not ready yet. Information is sent and yet she can still ask me as if she is very blur on what to do.

  1. Tell me internet down
  2. Act blur on what to do for my gig

    Pls advise. As I want to hire another contractor. Pls do a refund.


Internet issues should be understood, we recently had a black out in my area for about 12 hours, it didn’t interfere with my sales, but things like that do happen. Try and work with the seller first, and if you aren’t satisfied after speaking with them more, then you can ask for a mutual cancelation.


best thing is working with your seller to fix the problem. look at the due date if the due date is still ahead it is unfair to request a cancellation, even sometimes i could not reply to my buyers with lot of orders to be done but i deliver on time or before.

so first try to work with the buyer, if he is not taking the responsibility then you can ask for a mutual cancellation but if he is not accepting that also, you can contact CS

and they will handle it for you



This assumes the seller is cooperative, what if they are not.


Just reject the delivery.