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How can I attract customers?

I have only managed to get one customer in a year.
Kindly advise me.

make your self attractive i.e profile

Expressed yourself more and more.


I took a look at your profile and gigs, and it would seem that at least some of it is to do with the way it’s presented. In addition, your profile uses the History channel logo, which isn’t particularly eye-catching or professional, especially for someone offering lessons. Use a picture of your face, as it will allow people to get familiar to the way you look, and you can be sure that you’ll appear much more professional and approachable to potential customers. If anyone’s looking for teaching services, they’re going to want to see their teacher before they purchase. It’s probably the biggest and most important change you can make in relation to your profile.

In relation to the way the gig(s) look, I’d suggest new cover photos. I said the same to someone earlier - I don’t mean to use this as an opportunity just to promote my own work, but I created a gig precisely for this reason. I will design new cover photos for your gig, so they look far more professional and eye-catching. Getting your gig presented in a professional manner is a sure-fire way to increase gig traffic and potentially sales. The gig is located here if you’re interested and please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about it.