How can i avoid buyers that order on gigs without contact and than send dispute to cancel the orders


I got a order on my gig. Buyer did not contact me before ordering. I told him that he should contact me before ordering. I said that price you paid for service is less than he sent dispute to cancel order. I already write a note in my gig that contact me before ordering. Due to cancelling this order, my rating has decreased. I think, he sent fake order on my gig to decreased my rating. I want to know, how can i avoid like that buyers who sent fake order to decrease rating of seller.

This is buyer’s account link, who sent me order and than sent dispute to cancel the order. I already reported to support.********


I am having same issue from same buyer. It looks a competitor who is just trying to lower our ratings.


Naming and shaming other users is forbidden by the forum rules, so you may wish to remove the link to the buyer’s profile.

The buyer is new, so it’s possible that he has ordered by mistake. As for him not contacting you before buying, buyers are not obliged to do that. You can’t force them to message you before ordering.


I have this issue since the beginning. I think 99.99% of my cancelled orders are because buyers can’t or don’t want to read description where there is stated to ask me before ordering. My rate is now 84% :frowning:


Short answer you cannot stop them.
Cancels sucks due to buyers not reading gig descriptions.
But, be polite and explain the gig requirements. If you can swing it by completing the job, great!
If not then it’s another cancel under your belt.