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How can i avoid this kind of buyers?


hello guys,
i got an order one month ago, i did the work and i got 5 stars review, the buyer was satisfied with result. Suddenly, after one month he opened a dispute via PayPal :disappointed: , he got his money back and he deleted his account… pfff
now i lost 1 positive review and -8$ in my balance… what should i do ?


There is nothing you can do regarding this…
It takes initial $10 to make Paypal fight for the chargeback dispute and the result is not even guranteed. So, Fiverr will not take any action regarding this. :neutral_face:


There is really nothing you or any seller can do about it. Quite a lot of sellers have fallen victim to such such fraud. Fiverr is also handicapped because there’s nothing they can do about.

Unfortunately, Paypal is still the leading trusted payment platform in the world so, really, EVERYBODY IS HELPLESS.

I guess what can be done is to just hope not with such a buyer EVER !!!


A Very sad story. If there are rules that sellers have to abide by then should be some rules that buyers must follow. If buyers don’t follow them, then action should be taken against their will, automatically.

Rule is rule, everyone to follow.


@badartagar It is against the rules for buyers there file PayPal chargebacks. If they do, the action taken by Fiverr is to ban their Fiverr account. This is a good step, but some buyers don’t care . This is still a problem.

I have avoided some issues by asking buyers to always place a small ($5-10) on their first purchase with me. If I do get a chargeback, my loss of time/money is small. If they don’t, I accept larger orders and nosy of my buyers want bulk. Unfortunately this still is not enough to really fix the problem.


Does this happen with Payoneer and other methods, or this issue is due with Paypal?


I don’t know since I’ve only used PayPal.


Chargebacks are an issue with ALL credit cards. Paypal and Payoneer (and others like Skrill, Stripe) are just intermediary processors/merchants. The only real life electronic payment processor where you will not face a chargeback is if you use Bitcoin. Once a Bitcoin has been sent, it cannot be reversed. There’s just nothing we can do about it.