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How can I avoid this pitall of Buyer's Requests?

I am a newbie, and three of my four Fiverr gigs have been through Buyer Requests. Two orders were great, and I was well paid. However, for two of them, I felt taken advantage of, and want to know how to avoid this pitfall happening again.

The two orders I had issues with both looked simple and straightforward. The first one was to proofread a letter the buyer had written to her landlord when she was angry and rewrite parts that needed it so she would sound more authoritative. I thought that would be easy enough and offered to do it for $5 since I wanted to start building my reviews. However, what she sent me was three double spaced pages of letter and two pages of background information. Both the letter and the background information were repetitive and rambling. But I had accepted the order, so I got right to work. It took me a bit of time to sort through the information and a lot of back and forth messaging for me to get a clear picture of what the letter needed to contain. I wrote an excellent letter for her. Afterall I needed a good review, but I feel like I worked for slave wages.

The second Buyer’s Request was a research paper of fewer than 3000 words that needed to be read for plagiarism and the plagiarised parts rewritten in 5 hours. I sent the customer my gig offer, and she accepted my offer. So I was happy until I saw that 68% of her document was plagiarised! I needed every bit of those 5 hours to finish the job which I thought would take 2 hours at most.
So my question is how can I avoid this? Is there a way to see the order before I accept it. If there is a way that would solve my problem. Also if I see the order and want to either not take it or counter offer a higher price, is that possible?

Say the buyer in the offer request that please contact me before placing order and give me all order details before placing order


Thank you. Then if I see all details, I can rescind my offer or even change my offer after explaining the reason for the increase to the seller with no consequences?

yes you can resend your offer

you can tell him the reason and increase or decrease rates as you want with respect to work.
In this way you also know all about the project and then decide to work.
This will also help you to avoid cancellation and negative feedback

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Thank you. I was saying rescind as in revoke, cancel, or repeal. However, nevertheless, resending it makes sense and I am glad to know that.

The algorithm (software) of fiverr search engine rank gig with good or bad cancellations.
If after receiving order you thought the buyer didn’t give you enough information or this is any fault of the buyer you can write that in the request of cancellation of order and then cancel the order
this will not effect to much

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I definitely want to avoid cancellation and negative feedback. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You could specify in the offer how many words you will write up to and up to how many words in the source document you will work with.

It’s probably best not send an offer for anything that has been plagiarised or partly plagiarised. You could say no plagiarised source content or something in the offer/gig.

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Not accepting offers for plagiarised content is good advice. I envisioned a poor high school student who had finished their research paper and did not quite know how to rewrite the parts that they meant to cite. After I completed the job, I found out this seller worked for another big freelance site by looking up her Facebook link. I probably did her job for her, and she reaped the $.:sob: