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How can i ban from fiverr?


How can i ban from fiverr?


Sorry, how can you ban what from Fiverr?


i mean for doing what i can ban from fiverr?


are you asking what can get you banned from fiverr? or are you asking how to ban someone from fiverr?

I’m sorry but to help you we have to be able to understand your English.


You need to read the terms of service:

I think you may need to read up on third party violations. I’m not sure what Tinder tokens are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinder wouldn’t want them being sold! :wink:


yeahh… u understand what i wanted to say


That’s not a very nice response - you answered my question just as @uncarved was asking the same thing I did.

I didn’t understand your question, nor did she.

Please be nice to people who are trying to help you.



Why do you guys @offlinehelpers @uncarved even reply to those types of threads?


Because we’re here to help if we can, obviously.


As above! :slight_smile:


I am pretty much sure… they would never understand… how some of the things work on Fiverr. That’s why… "IF WE CAN"


Please give me some direction about to not banned from fiverr please


Just behave yourself, and follow the ToS - I gave you the link before. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Don’t sell tokens… period.

Token are used for hacks, unwanted matches and many other illegal actions. And by selling them you are breaking the law, breaking tinder TOS, helping other to make fraudulent actions and making money selling people privacy.

This will get you account not only banned but also can be used legaly against you.

I hope this is answering your question.


The real thing is that you are up to something shady and want to know how not to get caught.
And I thought I had seen it all in this forum…


Fiverr will ban you if

You have more than one account.

You do not deliver anything after you get an order.

You talk very rude to a buyer.

You don’t deliver what you said you would.


How about reading 'Fiverr TOS" for the starters?


Follo the fiverr tos you will be safe


He already knows that token are illegal.