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How can I be a doer If fiverr don't support his sellers?


This is just a rant. I’ve seen many topics about how fiverr treats badly his sellers. How is It even possible that there arent ANY member of the website staff to read what sellers write here to improve the website? My account got disabled because of their faulty new verification system and other users are having the exactly same issue. There is a person of this website that really care about the sellers? The sellers are the heart of It. Without sellers fiverr won’t exist.


I agree with most part of it. But fiverr wouldn’t exist without buyers not sellers :wink:
There are always more people who want to earn money the easy way that’s why they come to fiverr but reality is buyers bring their money and fiver paid their fee from buyers money.
No buyers no revenue for fiverr. That’s why they always care more about their buyers and trying to keep on the platform only trustworthy designers.


Yes, buyers are part of this too. But when a Company loses talented people (like the recent case of that voiceover that I wont name) the company starts losing the credibility. My main point is, why fiverr don’t have an employee to read and Interact with people on their forum? Lots of problems could be solved this way.


Where is the communication part from fiverr?A Commitment to Community: Updates to Our Product when there is no staff member to read what we write on forum.


The times when a staff member came to announce something it was just endless moaning and complaining about personal issues.