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How can I be a Fiverr Pro Member?


I’m a freelancer and successfully doing my jobs in Fiverr. My profile have good review too.
Now its time to give a boost to my career by being a pro member in Fiverr.
I want to know, how to become a pro member in this marketplace. If anyone knows, please suggest.
Thanks in advance.

Maidul Sikder


Here you go:


Thank you for the quick response.
Here is the pro page. But is there any way that I can become a pro.
I want to show my gigs on pro page.


Yes you can do that if you apply for the Pro program and get accepted.


If you scroll to the bottom you can apply.


Hi Mate,
Thanks for the info. How much it will cost me?


Thanks again.
Just now I noticed the apply section.


It’s free to apply, but only a small number of applicants get accepted.


Thanks Mate for your helpful reply.


Just a little tip: suggest you do not refer to others as mate, dear, bro, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

Also @catwriter is female!