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How can i be an Fiverr Expert?

I’m not new at here. I always try to learn more from Fiverr senior expert.
If i face new problem i will share with you, i was see senior are very helpful.
Thanks for contribution.

thanks from
WPfixer Paul.


I checked your gig and saw that your latest delivery got a negative rating.
I am aware that there are 2 sides to each story, but it does seem like either you really
ignored his instructions ( which makes you look bad), or you did not understand them.
Most successful sellers here have a good understanding of English.
I had a hard time understanding what you are trying to say up there, teaming up with someone with English skills might be helpful…


He is right, that’s the point.

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I was completed my work. Later he asked me to do more work but I did not do it. For this he gave negative reviews.after few days i saw its refunded. refunded!Even after that the review was not removed. in this situation what can i do?

In review, buyer says that he gave instructions and you didn’t pay attention and you made things on your own instead.
What you can do is improving english language.

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You said so. I have to learn & practice more.
Thanks for your reply.

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